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Fresh Beets

Entry for Global Game Jam 2023

Fresh Beets VR is a VR rhythm game that challenges players to cut vegetables in time with the beat of the song. To play the game, simply swing your right controller to slice vegetables, which will be delivered to you by a conveyor belt. As the vegetables are put on your cutting board, you should slice them to the song's beat. Once you are done slicing them, simply pound the cutting board with the left controller, and the food will be launched into the boiling soup to be cooked. 


That’s it! The game's objective is to correctly slice as many vegetables as you can to the beat of the song. Points are allotted based on the number of slices, the timing of the slices, and combos of correctly timed slices. See how high your score can reach.

Bridges and Barriers: Chenley Park Edge: Text
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